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Gel Blaster Laws Australia

Legalities of Gel Blasters - Australia

Are Gel Blasters legal in Australia? 

There are many companies giving lots of different information about the legality of Gel Blasters. With some claiming that many of the Australian states are 'sitting on the fence' about the legalities of them. 

This is simply not the case. 

Premier Gel Blasters has personally contacted the police department of each state to get the most clear and precise information regarding the laws of Gel Blasters.*

Also note that Department of Home affairs has deemed some Gel Blasters as legal throughout Australia. However, this is only on import, Once in your state it is up to Weapons licensing (State police) to decide whether or not they are legal. (Document found here)

Queensland - Legal Queensland has some of the most relaxed Gel Blaster laws. In Queensland Gel Blasters are were deemed toys and not firearms.  However, offences may be committed if deemed to be using the item in an offensive manner or members of the public become frightened or annoyed. 

New South Wales - Illegal New South Wales regards the Gel Blasters that we sell as imitation firearms. You can and will be charged with a firearms offence if caught in possession of a Gel Blasters in NSW.

Australian Capital Territory - Legal with permit ACT does have the most vague laws and is assessed on a case to case basis. Their armoury has assessed  two gel blasters. They deemed one a replica firearms however the other was not. We have been advised that our Gel blasters are classified under 21A under the firearms act. This states that:  23A Application of Act to imitation firearms (b) the registrar may issue a permit for the possession or use of an imitation firearm; (c) an imitation firearm is not required to be registered.

Therefore, it is possible to obtain a permit to own a gel blaster in ACT however it is on a case to case basis. The responsibility to comply with the law is on you the buyer. 

Victoria - Illegal  Gel blasters are regarded as imitation firearms in Victoria. They are not legal. 

Tasmania - Illegal (Mostly)   To have a gel blaster that replicates or could be mistaken for a real firearm you need a proper firearms licence with Collection as the genuine reason and correct storage for the firearm in a safe for that category.

You can’t have military replicas because they would be imitations of Prohibited firearms.

 If you are found to be in possession of these in Tasmania you may be charged in the same way as being a person without a licence in possession of firearms. 

South Australia - Legal  Items commonly known as gel blasters/water ball blasters which propel the gel balls by mean of battery operated springs are considered toys in South Australia; they are not controlled under the Firearms Act.    However, offences may be committed if deemed to be using the item in an offensive manner or members of the public become frightened or annoyed. 

Northern Territory - Illegal Gel-Ball firearms are considered a prohibited firearm in the NT and are classified as Air-Soft firearms. They may not be imported into nor applied for registration in the NT even if you have a current firearms licence issued. If you are found in possession of one you will be charged with a firearms offence.

Western Australia - Illegal In WA gel ball guns are not permitted. As per current legislation, they are defined as a firearm however they are not a licensable firearm in WA. 

*Please note that this information is only a suggestion and is not to be used as evidence in any way.



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