NEW M4A1 Generation 8.5 Nylon (JinMing)

NEW M4A1 Generation 8.5 Nylon (JinMing)

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JinMing's hugely popular generation 8.5 gel blaster.

This is an updated model of the Gen 8 M4a1, Now with Nylon gears, gear case and receiver for added reliability.



This is Australia's most popular gel blaster meaning that there a huge options for modification and spare parts.



This blaster shoots over 10 times a second and well over 25 meters in stock form. 



A great all round rifle that is easy to modify with readily available parts.







Fire Rate - 10 Rounds Per Second
Effective Distance - 25m+ 
Firing Velocity - 250 Feet per Second


Ammunition - 7-8mm Gel Balls




Whats included?


- JinMing Generation 8.5 Nylon Gel Blaster


- 7.4V Battery


- Battery Charging Cable


- 2500 Gel Balls


- Gell Ball Jar


- Safety Glasses


- Standard Magazine






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